Simply put, we want to connect students with new learning opportunities which allow them to collaborate with peers, faculty, and communities.


Finding the right connections makes a difference, both personally and professionally. Connections can help us become better students, employees, employers, and partners in life.

We are excited to present UCF Connect, our university’s approach to offering collaborative programs and services that are both unique and innovative. We have and will continue to create fully accessible channels for students to gain higher education degrees, and benefit from continuing education courses through our community partnerships, collaborative experiences, and advanced technologies.

Education should be a positive and impactful experience. We hope you use your time at UCF to connect, create and inspire. As always, your success is our success!

Jeff Jones

J. Jeffrey Jones, PhD
Vice Provost for UCF Connect

Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

UCF Connect Goals

  • Increase and promote student access and opportunities
  • Strengthen and build new partnerships and community engagements
  • Develop opportunities to make global impacts
  • Create pathways for adult and life-long learning

Our Mission

Directly guided by its core activities, UCF Connect provides targeted and intentional programs and services to its constituents. UCF Connect applies its expertise in student support, program development, innovation, and partnership to ensure a quality, diverse, and inclusive experience. UCF Connect channels these into outstanding and measurable value that improves the lives and functions of students, faculty, staff, and internal and external stakeholders.

Our Vision

The vision of UCF Connect is to offer innovative approaches to providing access and opportunity through expanding partnerships, advancing technologies, and discovering new methods to make a positive impact on constituents’ lives and learning. Through its collaborations with internal and external partners, UCF Connect challenges traditional models in order to develop sustainable growth and to maintain a commitment to excellence that transforms the lives for future generations of students.